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Sobrenatural Temporada 2 COMPLETA DVD

Sobrenatural Temporada 2 COMPLETA DVD: A Must-Have for Supernatural Fans

If you are a fan of supernatural stories, horror, action and drama, you probably have heard of Sobrenatural, the Spanish version of the hit American TV show Supernatural. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Sobrenatural Temporada 2 COMPLETA DVD, the complete second season of the show on DVD. You will learn what Sobrenatural is about, why you should watch season 2 on DVD, and how you can get your copy today.

Sobrenatural Temporada 2 COMPLETA DVD

What is Sobrenatural?

Sobrenatural is a Spanish dubbing of Supernatural, a TV show created by Eric Kripke that premiered in 2005 on The WB (later The CW) in the United States. The show follows the adventures of two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who hunt down various monsters, demons, ghosts and other supernatural beings across America. The show is inspired by folklore, legends, myths and urban legends from different cultures and religions.

The plot and the characters of the show

The main protagonists of Sobrenatural are Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), two brothers who were raised by their father John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to be hunters of the supernatural. John became obsessed with hunting after his wife Mary (Samantha Smith) was killed by a mysterious demon when Sam was a baby. Sam and Dean grew up traveling with their father across the country, learning how to fight various creatures and saving people from them.

In season 1, Sam leaves his hunting life behind to go to college and have a normal life with his girlfriend Jessica (Adrianne Palicki). However, his dreams are shattered when Jessica is killed by the same demon that killed his mother. Dean comes to Sam's rescue and convinces him to join him in finding their father and avenging their family. Along the way, they encounter many allies and enemies, such as Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver), a fellow hunter and surrogate father figure; Meg Masters (Nicki Aycox), a demon who works for their nemesis; and Castiel (Misha Collins), an angel who becomes their friend in later seasons.

In season 2, Sam and Dean continue their quest to find their father and kill the demon that ruined their lives. They also discover that they are not the only ones who have been affected by the demon's plans. They meet other people who have psychic abilities like Sam, who are called "special children". They also learn more about their own destiny and their role in a bigger war between heaven and hell.

The popularity and the awards of the show

Sobrenatural has been one of the most popular and successful shows in Spain since it debuted in 2006 on Cuatro (later on AXN). The show has attracted millions of viewers and fans who love its mix of horror, comedy, drama and action. The show has also received critical acclaim and recognition from various awards ceremonies. Some of the awards that Sobrenatural has won or been nominated for include:

  • The People's Choice Awards for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show (2016, 2017)

  • The Teen Choice Awards for Choice TV Show: Fantasy/Sci-Fi (2006-2019)

  • The Saturn Awards for Best Network Television Series (2007-2010)

  • The Constellation Awards for Best Science Fiction Television Series (2008-2010)

  • The SFX Awards for Best TV Show (2008-2010)

  • The TV Guide Awards for Favorite Horror Series (2011)

  • The ALMA Awards for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Television Series (Jared Padalecki, 2011)

  • The Golden Reel Awards for Best Sound Editing - Short Form Dialogue and ADR in Television (2014)

  • The Leo Awards for Best Visual Effects in a Dramatic Series (2015)

  • The Canadian Screen Awards for Best Achievement in Make-Up (2016)

Why should you watch Sobrenatural Temporada 2 COMPLETA DVD?

If you are a fan of Sobrenatural, or if you want to start watching it from scratch, you should definitely get Sobrenatural Temporada 2 COMPLETA DVD. Here are some reasons why:

The highlights and the twists of season 2

Season 2 of Sobrenatural is one of the best seasons of the show. It has some of the most memorable episodes, such as:

  • "In My Time of Dying", where Sam and Dean deal with the aftermath of a car crash that leaves their father in a coma.

  • "What Is And What Should Never Be", where Dean gets trapped in a dream world where his mother is alive and he has a normal life.

  • "Born Under A Bad Sign", where Sam gets possessed by Meg Masters and goes on a killing spree.

  • "Heart", where Sam falls in love with a woman who turns out to be a werewolf.

  • "Hollywood Babylon", where Sam and Dean investigate a haunted movie set.

  • "All Hell Breaks Loose Part One", where Sam gets kidnapped by Azazel along with other special children.

  • "All Hell Breaks Loose Part Two", where Sam dies in Dean's arms after being stabbed by Jake Talley.

Season 2 also has some major twists that change the course of the show, such as:

  • The revelation that Azazel is planning to use one of his special children as a vessel for Lucifer.

  • The death of John Winchester after he makes a deal with Azazel to save Dean's life.

  • The resurrection of Sam after Dean makes a deal with a crossroads demon to bring him back.

  • The introduction of Ellen Harvelle (Samantha Ferris) and Jo Harvelle (Alona Tal), two female hunters who become allies of Sam and Dean.

  • The appearance of Gordon Walker (Sterling K. Brown), a ruthless hunter who becomes an enemy of Sam and Dean.

  • The arrival of Castiel at the end of season 4.

The bonus features and the extras of the DVD

Sobrenatural Temporada 2 COMPLETA DVD not only contains all 22 episodes of season 2, but also some bonus features and extras that will enhance your viewing experience. Some of these include:

  • Audio commentary by Eric Kripke, Robert Singer, Sera Gamble, Kim Manners, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles on selected episodes.

  • A gag reel that shows some hilarious bloopers and outtakes from season 2.

  • A featurette called "The Devil's Road Map" that explores some of the real-life locations that inspired some episodes.

  • A featurette called "The Episode From Hell" that goes behind-the-scenes of "All Hell Breaks Loose Part Two".

  • A featurette called "Jared's Original Screen Test" that shows Jared Padalecki's audition tape for Sam Winchester.

  • Deleted scenes from various episodes that add more depth to some scenes or characters.

How can you get Sobrenatural Temporada 2 COMPLETA DVD?

renatural Temporada 2 COMPLETA DVD subtitled or dubbed in English?

No, Sobrenatural Temporada 2 COMPLETA DVD is not subtitled or dubbed in English. It only has Spanish audio and subtitles. If you want to watch Supernatural season 2 in English, you may need to buy a different DVD that has English audio and subtitles.

  • How long is Sobrenatural Temporada 2 COMPLETA DVD?

Sobrenatural Temporada 2 COMPLETA DVD has a total running time of 902 minutes, which is equivalent to 15 hours and 2 minutes. Each episode has a running time of about 41 minutes.

  • How many discs are in Sobrenatural Temporada 2 COMPLETA DVD?

Sobrenatural Temporada 2 COMPLETA DVD has six discs. Each disc contains three or four episodes and some bonus features.

  • What is the rating of Sobrenatural Temporada 2 COMPLETA DVD?

Sobrenatural Temporada 2 COMPLETA DVD has a rating of 18+ in Spain. This means that it is not suitable for minors under 18 years old. The show contains scenes of violence, gore, horror, sexuality and language that may be disturbing or offensive to some viewers.

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