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Technically speaking, a curse by whom? A curse on you? A person who wants to get married and gives you Couple Promise Rings? Your ex? Their parents? Elves? Elves? Or if you plan to give an engagement ring as a gift, do you really want to hurt the person you love? It's not logical from any angle. A promise ring is a confirmation of an engagement vow. No hidden meanings or evil spells (but you should remain respectful to your neighbor).


If the person who is behind the joke is dishonest, or to put it mildly, not very intelligent the joke could be an act of deceit. We are sure that your loved one will not be that way. Therefore, everything they say and do is true. A promise ring is completely serious in the sense that it confirms the words spoken. Therefore, you don't need to be concerned about whether you actually believed in the promise. Examine your hands to confirm that the promise was and is real. This is an engagement ring.


Well, no. They are becoming more popular and trendy. The numerous and diverse fashion trends mean that you can pick any design and it is suitable for everyday use. That's the most appealing thing about choosing a promise ring today - you can pick any design you like, and the options are virtually endless.

PROMISE Rings have religious connotations and only those who regularly attend church can wear THEM

No they are not. They are not tied to any specific Christian denomination, world religion, or spiritual practice. They are a non-religious concept and therefore, do not infer any religious subtext when giving or receiving them. The only rule is to keep your word and to the person that you love.

A PROMISE RING IS ANOTHER NAME for a ring that is a genuine one.

But that's not true. These two tokens have different functions. A purity ring is a promise to avoid sexual activities until marriage. It is similar to swearing to God or themselves that they will not have sex before marriage for religious or ethical reasons. It is not necessary to be in love to wear a purity ring. A promise ring is the marriage vows between two lovers. You can have sex occasionally and plan a future marriage. The purpose and result of the two pieces is completely different.


Not necessarily. If you're thinking about when to give the promise ring dependent on age, teenagers can also exchange promise rings and wait until they reach the legal age to legally marry each the other (if they're still planning to).


Not at all. There aren't any lower or higher price ranges for these rings. You may want a little more cash, but it's better to save some money for an engagement ring. It should be a beautiful piece of jewelry. Engagement rings don't need to be costly, especially when you consider it is likely to be stacked with the wedding band, engagement ring or other rings.

PROMISE RINGS are merely a hype created by celebrities and WILL FADE SOON.

Celebrities are usually the ones to take on trends and make them popular however, they didn't come out in this way. Promise rings are experiencing a renaissance. They've been around for a long time but were not widely known to the general public. Celebrities are awash in media attention, but the fervor will last for a long time, even after the gossip has dissipated.


The presentation of the engagement ring demands some preparation, but is far removed from the complexities of arranging the engagement ring presentation in accordance with current Instagram fashion.

How to properly give a PROMISE Ring

The promise ring is to be given only after careful analysis, and it is important to fully understand the commitment. As I mentioned, it's not a joke, it's an engagement. Make sure that your plans as couples are in sync and that you're both prepared to wait (or to get married). After this initial meeting you can pick the rings and exchange them between you two.


Let's take a look at the results and then design the sequence of actions to be taken.

What should you think about prior to choosing and giving an engagement ring?

Before you make a vow it is essential to discuss the matter with your partner. You and your partner should decide on whether you want to get married. You may also agree on the date, the approximate time frame and the amount of time that the wedding is likely to be delayed. Only then is it appropriate to make promises in order to secure your bond. After having this conversation and everything is settled both of you will be able to go about finding the wedding ring.


Choosing a ring is itself difficult given the variety of styles, as well as custom-made pieces. It is best to shop with your partner or ask about your preferences in style and then shop. You can ask about the birthstone, or the gemstones that your sweetheart likes or you can choose a popular style. If you purchase from a reputable jewelry store, every ring will be perfect and not disappoint the person receiving the present. A promise ring can be stacked with other rings to complement its design.

The PRESENTATION: Should it be A Loud Event?

The presentation is informal. It does not appear like a formal ceremony. You can make it in a cafe, during dinner or wherever you both feel comfortable. It is best if both you and your partner are alone. This means you won't be distracted by crowds of people cheering or the scrutiny of your future relatives.

Do not kneel while handing over the ring. This is not a formality and this is not the last proposal. Don't get caught up in the confusion and make sure that you don't let your loved ones believe that it is an offer. It's not. (This is just a reminder to what a promise-ring is in case you don't remember). So make it informal simple, and clearly distinct from the engagement.

Wearing a Promise Ring: Are there strict rules?

The ring can be worn in conjunction with other rings or on the finger of your choice. It is the simplest answer to the question of what hand a promise ring should be placed on or where a promise ring goes. It is not required to tell everyone about the significance of the ring. It is possible to keep it as a private, sweet treat. The marriage and engagement will eventually cross the t's and dot the i's for your family, friends and relatives.


The most important thing about the promise ring is that it keeps the promise. After you've presented the engagement ring to someone you want to marry, you must get married to them according to the timeframe you've specified in your goals for the couple. You will not be required to appear in court, but what's the purpose of a promissory ring? Be serious and do it with a careful approach. You'll be rewarded with a blissful marriage.

When you two get married The engagement rings are a beautiful keepsake an item of jewellery that can be worn as other pieces.

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