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Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade __EXCLUSIVE__

Jin-Roh (人狼, Jinrō, lit. "Werewolf"), also known as Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade in its American release, is a 1999 Japanese action political thriller[1] anime film directed by Hiroyuki Okiura (in his directorial debut) and written by Mamoru Oshii. Jin-Roh is the third film in Oshii's Kerberos saga and is primarily based on Oshii's manga Kerberos Panzer Cop.

Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade

Later, the Wolf Brigade meet in a junkyard and Fuse is ordered to kill Kei to ensure she is never recaptured by Public Security. Kei embraces Fuse and sadly recites the dialogue of Little Red Riding Hood, describing the grotesque appearance of the wolf disguised as a loved one. Fuse is distraught, but regardless kills Kei. Fuse is horrified at his action, but now having sacrificed his humanity, he has no other choice but to remain part of the pack. The old sergeant solemnly compares Kei's fate to the demise of Red Riding Hood and the triumph of the wolf.

Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade was written by Mamoru Oshii, well-known for his Ghost in the Shell movie. Jin-Roh roughly translates "man-wolf." It's an alternate universe after the second World War, where instead of losing to the United States, Japan instead was taken over by Germany.

Jin-Roh tried to make sketchy parallel with the Red Riding Hood story. Not the Red Riding Hood where the girl was saved by a woodsman from the wolf. Rather, it's based from the German version called "Rotkäppchen", where the girl goes off to see her mother, unknowingly made to eat her mother's flesh and drink her mother's blood, and then killed by the wolf. The movie paid special attention to this story through a scene where Kei gave Fuse the Rotkäppchen book, which she claims was her sister Nanami's. There was even a narration of the book, a pointed analogy to the CAPOs, the ones who play the part of the wolf, and The Sect, who are the red riding hoods. 041b061a72

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