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Micromax A89 Battery Buy

Before buying any mobile, it is ascertained how much battery the mobile has and in what time the battery will be charged. Talking about the battery of Micromax Ninja A89, the battery capacity is 1450 mAh. This battery type is Li-ion.

micromax a89 battery buy

Micromax A89 Ninja Released 2013, February with advanced features: , Android 4.0.4 extra-performance OS; Graphical User friendly interface, heavy memory with 2GB 512MB RAM storage, microSD slot.Micromax A89 Ninja is the best selection in the same group as mobile phones with 512 MB RAM, 2GB 512MB RAM storage, microSD slot with 3 addon megapixels, powered camera and 3.97" screen with 1450 mAh capacity of heavy battery.

The Box PackInside you will find the A89, screen guard, USB to micro USB cable, Charger, earphones of a low quality that you usually get with low cost Micromax handsets, battery of 1450 mAh capacity, warranty card and user guide. 041b061a72

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