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Marriage Most Scandalous by Johanna Lindsey: A Review and a Guide to Get the PDF or EPUB Version

Marriage Most Scandalous by Johanna Lindsey: A Review

If you are looking for a historical romance novel that is full of passion, humor, and intrigue, you might want to check out Marriage Most Scandalous by Johanna Lindsey. This is a Regency-era tale that features a notorious mercenary and a spirited lady who enter into a scandalous marriage of convenience. In this article, I will give you an overview of the book, tell you why I think it is worth reading, and show you how you can get it for free.

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What is Marriage Most Scandalous about?

Marriage Most Scandalous is a novel by Johanna Lindsey, one of the world's most popular authors of historical romance. She has written over 30 novels, each one a bestseller, with several reaching the #1 spot on the New York Times list. Marriage Most Scandalous was published in 2005 and has received positive reviews from readers and critics alike.

The main characters

The novel features two main characters who have a history together. They are:

  • Lady Margaret Landor: A young and beautiful widow who lives in Italy with her brother. She is independent, intelligent, and adventurous. She has a secret crush on Sebastian Townshend since she was a child.

  • Sebastian Townshend: The son of an earl who was banished from England after killing his father's enemy in a duel. He became a mercenary known as The Raven, who is feared and respected for his skills and ruthlessness. He has sworn never to return to England or to love again.

The plot summary

The story begins when Margaret receives a letter from her sister-in-law, Juliette, who informs her that her father-in-law, the Earl of Edgewood, has died and that she needs her help to deal with his estate. Margaret decides to go back to England after ten years of absence, hoping to see Sebastian again. She finds out that he is also in England, posing as her husband in order to claim his inheritance. However, he demands a hefty fee for his services, which she cannot afford. He then suggests a scandalous trade: he will act as her husband in exchange for her body.

Margaret agrees to the deal, hoping to seduce him and make him fall in love with her. However, she soon realizes that he is not the same man she knew before. He is cold, distant, and secretive. He also seems to be involved in some dangerous business that puts their lives at risk. As they work together to uncover the mystery behind his father's death and the accidents that plague his estate, they also discover a fierce passion that neither of them anticipated or can resist.

Why should you read Marriage Most Scandalous?

There are many reasons why you should read Marriage Most Scandalous if you are a fan of historical romance. Here are some of them:

The romance

The romance between Margaret and Sebastian is sizzling and captivating. They have a strong chemistry and a lot of sexual tension. They also have a lot of emotional conflicts and misunderstandings that make their relationship more interesting and realistic. They both have to overcome their past hurts and fears in order to trust each other and open their hearts. They also have to face the consequences of their scandalous marriage and the society's disapproval.

The humor

The novel is not only full of drama and suspense, but also of humor and wit. Johanna Lindsey has a knack for writing witty dialogue and hilarious situations that will make you laugh out loud. For example, there is a scene where Margaret tries to seduce Sebastian by wearing a revealing nightgown, but he mistakes it for a curtain and rips it off her. There is also a scene where Sebastian teaches Margaret how to shoot a pistol, but she ends up shooting his hat off his head.

The mystery

The novel also has a mystery element that adds more excitement and intrigue to the story. There is a mystery surrounding Sebastian's father's death, which may have been a murder. There is also a mystery surrounding Sebastian's activities as The Raven, which may involve some enemies who want him dead. There are also some mysterious accidents that happen at his estate, which may be sabotage or attempts on his life. The novel keeps you guessing until the end, when all the secrets are revealed and the villains are exposed.

How to get Marriage Most Scandalous for free?

If you are interested in reading Marriage Most Scandalous, you might be wondering how you can get it for free. There are two ways to do that: the legal way and the illegal way.

The legal way

The legal way to get Marriage Most Scandalous for free is to borrow it from a library or a friend. You can also check if your local library has an e-book or an audiobook version of the novel that you can download or stream online. You can also use services like OverDrive or Libby to access digital books from your library using your phone or tablet.

The illegal way

The illegal way to get Marriage Most Scandalous for free is to download a pirated copy of the novel from the internet. This is not recommended for several reasons. First, it is unethical and disrespectful to the author, who deserves to be paid for her work. Second, it is illegal and can get you in trouble with the law. Third, it is risky and can expose your device to viruses, malware, or hackers. Fourth, it is unreliable and can result in poor quality or incomplete files.

Therefore, it is better to avoid the illegal way and opt for the legal way instead. You can also buy the novel from online or offline retailers if you want to support the author and enjoy her work.


Marriage Most Scandalous by Johanna Lindsey is a historical romance novel that is full of passion, humor, and intrigue. It features a notorious mercenary and a spirited lady who enter into a scandalous marriage of convenience. It has a captivating plot, engaging characters, witty dialogue, and steamy scenes. It is a novel that will keep you entertained and satisfied from start to finish.


  • Is Marriage Most Scandalous part of a series?

No, Marriage Most Scandalous is a standalone novel that does not belong to any series.

  • What is the genre of Marriage Most Scandalous?

Marriage Most Scandalous is a historical romance novel set in the Regency era.

  • Who are some other authors like Johanna Lindsey?

Some other authors who write similar historical romance novels are Julia Quinn, Lisa Kleypas, Eloisa James, Mary Balogh, and Amanda Quick.

  • How many pages does Marriage Most Scandalous have?

Marriage Most Scandalous has 448 pages in the paperback edition.

  • Where can I find more information about Johanna Lindsey and her books?

You can find more information about Johanna Lindsey and her books on her official website:


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