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What is Corner Kick Betting? Winning Strategies for 2023

Corner kick betting is one of the popular types of soccer betting that receives significant attention from betting enthusiasts. In this comprehensive article soccer tips and predictions for today  shares top-notch corner kick betting strategies to help you win big in this enticing market.

Understanding the ins and outs of today's betting is a must for anyone engaged in soccer betting. Exploring live soccer streams on platforms like YouTube from A to Z can provide valuable insights. Additionally, grasping the differences between European handicap betting and Asian handicap betting is essential knowledge.

What is Corner Kick Betting?

First and foremost, let's delve into what corner kick betting entails.

Corner kick betting is one of the secondary betting markets commonly used in soccer betting alongside other types such as exact score betting, player goal scoring betting, and more.

Despite being classified as a secondary bet, corner kick betting is highly favored among betting enthusiasts, particularly in Vietnam.

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With corner kick betting:

  • Bettors place wagers on the number of corner kicks to be awarded during a match. The aim is to predict corner kick scenarios in the game, allowing bettors to make informed decisions and seek victory.

  • Specifically, bookmakers offer odds on the number of corner kicks to be awarded in a soccer match. For instance, in a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, if the bookmaker sets the line at 8 corner kicks, bettors wager on whether the actual number of corner kicks will be higher or lower. Depending on the outcome, bettors win or lose their bets.

However, it's crucial to note that corner kick betting in soccer can be challenging and risky. The number of corner kicks in a match can be influenced by various factors such as weather conditions, pitch conditions, team tactics, and more.

But fret not! To assist you in achieving triumph in corner kick betting, the following sections will provide insights into expert corner kick analysis and guidelines on consistently winning corner kick bets. Let's dive in!

Various Types of Corner Kick Bets in Soccer Betting

Currently, there are several types of corner kick bets offered in soccer betting. Here are some commonly used corner kick betting types:

Over/Under corner kick betting: Similar to over/under goal betting, bettors wager on the total number of corner kicks in a soccer match, choosing between Over and Under options.

Handicap corner kick betting: This type of bet is akin to Asian handicap betting, but with corner kicks. Bettors place wagers on the specific number of corner kicks each team will make in the match. For instance, a corner kick handicap of -1.5 for Team A implies that Team A needs to make at least 2 more corner kicks than Team B to win the bet.

Odd/Even corner kick betting: This bet relies on the odd or even nature of the total number of corner kicks in a match. Bettors predict whether the total number of corner kicks will be odd or even and place their bets accordingly.

Team-specific corner kick betting: Bettors wager on the number of corner kicks made by one of the two teams participating in the match. For example, if the bookmaker offers a corner kick line of 5.5 for Team A, bettors predict whether Team A will have more or fewer corner kicks than this number.

First corner kick betting: Bettors place wagers on which team will be awarded the first corner kick in the match.

Live corner kick betting: This type of bet is placed on the number of corner kicks awarded within a specific time frame during the match, typically ranging from 5 to 15 minutes. Live corner kick betting requires meticulous match observation and accurate predictions to place successful bets.

The types of corner kick bets may vary depending on different bookmakers and soccer leagues. It's essential to thoroughly understand these corner kick betting types and analyze them accurately before placing bets.

Guide to Easily Analyzing Corner Kick Bets

To analyze corner kick bets effectively, you need access to accurate data regarding corner kick statistics of various teams. Below are some reputable sources you can refer to:

  • Websites providing in-depth football information such as WhoScored, Squawka, Flashscore, SofaScore, Soccerway.

  • Football betting websites like Bet365, Pinnacle, 188bet, 12bet, Fun88.

  • Mobile applications offering corner kick information and odds like Sofascore, Flashscore, 365Scores, LiveScore.

However, there's one platform that provides easy access to the most accurate corner kick data, and that's the Keochuan TV website. At our platform, accessing corner kick data is incredibly straightforward. Before each match, you'll receive:

  • Data on the average number of corner kicks in 90 minutes for both teams in their recent 6 or 10 matches.

  • Specific details about corner kicks in recent matches.

  • Live corner kick odds.

Additionally, comprehensive information such as average goals scored/conceded, expected goals, ball possession rates, average shots per minute, etc., are meticulously compiled for your convenience.

Thanks to these outstanding features, has earned the trust and support of numerous betting enthusiasts. Next, let's delve into the most exciting section, which is the expert corner kick betting strategies to defeat bookmakers.

Winning Strategies for Consistently Analyzing Corner Kick Bets

To conquer corner kick betting markets, you need to understand and apply suitable strategies. Below are some effective strategies commonly used by seasoned bettors:

  • Tracking team matches: To assess a team's corner kick creation ability, you need to follow their matches closely. Information about a team's corner kick statistics in previous matches will help you make accurate betting decisions.

  • Monitoring team lineups: Team lineups significantly influence the ability to create corner kicks. If a team has many strong attacking players, their corner kick creation potential will be higher compared to a team with fewer attacking personnel.

  • Analyzing team form: Team form plays a crucial role in evaluating corner kick creation potential. If a team is in good form, their corner kick creation likelihood will be higher.

  • Applying attacking strategies: To create corner kicks, teams need to attack and push opponents backward. You can consider a team's attacking strategies to make betting decisions.

  • Betting on specific situations: In matches, there will be periods where one team dominates and attacks more aggressively to seek goals. This often results in more corner kicks. Identifying these situations can lead to successful corner kick bets.

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Moreover, odds ratios are a vital factor in corner kick analysis for professional bettors. In soccer betting, odds ratios are considered the soul and breath of the sport. Experienced players often devise corner kick betting strategies based on odds ratios. For instance:

  • Choosing matches with appealing odds ratios: Higher odds ratios lead to better profit margins when winning bets. However, you should also consider the odds ratio in relation to the likelihood of winning that corner kick bet.

  • Comparing odds ratios between bookmakers: Sometimes, odds ratios vary among different bookmakers. Comparing odds ratios helps you find the best corner kick bets with the most favorable odds.

  • Tracking odds fluctuations: Odds ratios can change before a match. Monitoring these fluctuations helps you make smarter decisions, increasing your chances of winning bets.

  • Comparing corner kick odds with Asian handicap and over/under odds: Generally, these three types of odds are closely related. For instance, if Team A is given a -1.5 handicap against Team B in Asian handicap betting but only -2.25 corner kicks are offered for Team A in corner kick betting for the entire match, it's an anomaly. In such cases, Team B is more likely to win the corner kick bet.

In conclusion, mastering corner kick betting requires diligent research, strategic analysis, and a deep understanding of odds ratios. By implementing the strategies outlined above and utilizing reliable data sources like Keochuan TV, you can elevate your corner kick betting game and achieve consistent success in this dynamic market. Happy betting!

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