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Nathan Howard

Creativelive €? Creative Application Of Color Through Post Processing _HOT_

Every new photographer feels the same confusion when hearing about the differences between shooting images in RAW vs. JPEG (or JPG). In the past, most photographers used JPEG because you could get more images on your memory cards and the photos looked good. But now all DSLRs, many point and shoot cameras and even smartphones are giving you the option to shoot in RAW. And if you want to be able to do more in post processing with your images, then you might want to consider using that option. JPEG mode allows the camera to run the images through its image processor, which varies with each camera brand.

Creativelive – Creative Application of Color Through Post Processing

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Capture amazing photos of cities when traveling and know how to make them pop in your post-processing. Join Serge Ramelli as he walks through the best camera settings for the best skyline and urban shots. Know the best time to take a photo walk of a city. Once in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop, Serge will go over how to blend different images shot at different times to get the best possible exposure for your photograph. He'll also walk through how to make adjustments or add a sky when the weather isn't working the way you want!

Over the past 3 years, Bella Kotak and I have been creating together. I've played the role of support and retoucher to Bella for her whimsical creations. She's risen extremely high in a short period of time and her work has only escalated.We've even taught workshops about our process of creating some of her pieces! Thanks to our friends over at Creative Live, they've decided to give us the platform in showcasing how we go from conception to post processing in this all-encompassing class on Fine Art Conceptual Photography. It will be on May 10th and 11th (9 a.m. to 4p.m. PDT), streaming live for free!You can RSVP at this link so we know exactly how many people will be tuned in: -art-conceptual-photography-from-shoot-through-post-processing-bella-kotak-and-pratik-naikI hope to have you tune in from wherever you are! It would be so nice to have your support as you've shared this journey with us. To those of you who we have met and haven't yet, we consider you friends.

This is one of the more full-featured and powerful editing apps available for iPhone photography. While it offers an extensive range of editing tools for all manner of post-processing, I particularly like the creative control it offers when converting color photos to black and white.

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