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20-dec_2 - Google Drive !!HOT!!

As He at el. [1] previously introduced a family with natural short sleep trait in their study, similar findings were illustrated in twin study by Pellegrino et al. [13]. The carrier twin had a much shorter total sleep time (299.3 min) than his noncarrier brother (364.7 min); meanwhile, no difference in NREM sleep duration was noted. Along with higher delta power, a measure of sleep drive, the carrier twin also showed minimal behavioral and metabolic impairment in response to sleep loss compared to the noncarrier by reporting significantly fewer average lapses of performance alertness and almost the same BMI reading (23.9 kg/m2) as his brother (25.3 kg/m2) [13]. This phenomenon could be due to quicker neuro-hormonal changes resulting in a sharp termination of increasing nocturnal melatonin levels and then an earlier rise of morning cortisol levels in the short sleeper in a sleep-deprived setting as compared to long sleepers [26], despite ambiguity in underlying molecular mechanisms.

20-dec_2 - Google Drive

mGluR5 is a part of the molecular machinery controlling sleep-wake homeostasis where specific negative allosteric regulators of mGluR5 promote sleep in mice, while positive allosteric regulators promote alertness [56]. Increased mGluR5 expressions in the sleep-deprived individual were directly associated with increased sleep drive during brain imaging along with EEG biomarkers: delta and low frequency (

Visitors can expect the drive circling Lake Julian Park to transform into a magical journey with tunnels of dazzling animated and stationary light displays. Watch the lights twinkle over the lake and listen to your own favorite holiday music while taking in the sights.

Electronic convenience vehicles are available for rent inside the Visitor Center and at the Information Stations at Panda Plaza (parking lots A and B) and Lion-Tiger Hill (parking lot D). Please note: A state-issued driver's license is required to rent and operate an electronic convenience vehicle.

Starting in late November each year, this all-American attraction offers a 2-mile drive featuring over a million twinkling Christmas lights. They include animated displays, two drive-thru tunnels, and a 1/4-mile devoted to the various branches of the US military.

The City provides the collection of household trash. Two types of trash collection based on property location are provided, Automated and Manual. The majority of Oahu homes are part of the Automated Cart Collection. For houses that are located in narrow streets where City automated trucks can't drive in, the City offers the Manual Cart Collection.

I want to list all files in a Google drive Folder with Google drive api v3. I have the Folder id already so i Need to get the Folder by id and then list its files. (and get file Information further on later) The Problem is the api doc just Shows api calls for files but not for Folders. See 041b061a72

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