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Jackson Martin
Jackson Martin

I'm So Paid |VERIFIED|

All of this would be cool if the song were simply Jeezy and Wayne, but let's not forget that Akon is involved, too, singing about blasting Do or Die and ordering snipers to post up on rooftops. This is big budget music meant to make broke-ass you, too, feel like a million bucks. In the video, Akon is on an enormous yacht and involved in a diamond heist of some sort, which also involves a high-speed car chase in a Ferrari. That is honestly how we all should feel every time Jeezy and Wayne get on a track together, especially if it involves Akon, who once again is one of the great songwriters of our era. This is quite literally the yacht rock of our era. It is smooth as hell and it involves an enormous yacht. Long live yacht rock, long live Akon, and may you stay paid on this fine spring day.

I'm So Paid

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I absolutely loved my three years of undergraduate course work here at The Ohio State University. I was very much in the work hard, play hard mindset and think this really paid off for me. I tried to take advantage of all of the wonderful opportunities made available to me, both academically and otherwise. However, I don't think I fully appreciated my time on campus until this past summer, when I had an internship with PwC (this was, for example, one of the great opportunities OSU made available to me).

Needless to say, I worked auditor hours, which are a little bit different than student hours. This had its pros and cons, but more than anything was just something different to get used to. The internship also carried a completely different stress than being a student. Again, pros and cons but mostly just different. The biggest difference? At PwC I was getting paid for my hard work, while at OSU I am paying for it. But one parallel I was definitely able to draw was the work hard, play hard attitude. It appears as though this never disappears, so master it early!

When I started this newsletter, I didn\u2019t ever factor in paid subscriptions directly on Substack for two reasons. One is that I do always want the majority of content here to be free. That\u2019s the crux of my mission here, making craft beer culture and the discussion around it accessible and inclusive. The second reason is a bummer to admit, which is my oft-mentioned impostor syndrome\u2014to be honest, I never really had the confidence to think anyone would pay to read my writing.

Now, some other very lovely reader has gone and done something I only learned about when they did it and Substack notified me, which is pledge to pay. I\u2019m not sure when Substack rolled this out, but if you have a newsletter that does not have any paid subscription tier, but a reader feels they would pay for your newsletter if you did, they can pledge and if you turn on paid subscriptions, they\u2019d be a paid subscriber. It was really cool and flattering and motivating to see that pledge!

And now, the wheels are turning. Again, the bulk of this newsletter will always be free. But, do I add paid? What will that subscription look like? Exclusive Q&A\u2019s, maybe? And on that note, do I take some plans for Patreon content, like extra tarot readings, and put them here instead as part of the paid subscriptions? And so then transfer Patreon patrons over to paid subscriptions (grandfather-ed in, of course!)? As I think about all of this, I wanted to share the possibilities now so that A, you can watch this space and have some idea of what 2023 might bring here, and B, you can let me know if you\u2019d be interested in a paid subscription with extra, exclusive content\u2014it would be really helpful to know if more readers would be into this!

Well we were a part of the Epic gang I confess.We planned our trip for 14 months coming from the UK..we had to budget financially and when Epic passes were suggested we grabbed the chance to help our budget.We avoided the busiest few days and found the rest of the time quiet compared to other ski resorts we have travelled to.Unfortunately my other half came down with real bad flu on day 3 of our holiday which lasted through to us returning home yesterday so he only got a day and half from his pass so it turned out to be pretty costly but hey ho such is brother also broke 2 ribs on day 8 of the holiday so he too lost out...we all pay our monies and take our isnt worth stressing over such things .My daughter in law just bought a day pass so paid the full price..her already said we have all had bad times in our 56 I can list many but they dont include stuff like holiday expenses and queues...I'm thankfull to have had 10 wonderfull days in a beautifull part of the world with my family around me.We work long and hard for our holidays but there are people who dont even have the chance to do that..lets be thankfull for what we have eh???Happy New Year to all.x 041b061a72

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